Undergraduate Research

To diversify their experience and create new professional opportunities, students are highly encouraged to participate in research.


Undergraduate Research
Henrique Fernandes assembling an industrial biomass pipeline with Dr. Amit Kumar

The Undergraduate Research Program provides students with valuable information regarding Department research and development opportunities. Our department is wholly committed to this program, and has provided significant financial resources to support it.

The Undergraduate Research Program :

  • Helps students identify research projects of interest.
  • Links students with professors offering research projects in their area of interest.
  • Streamlines the application process and transition from the undergraduate (Bachelor) program to the graduate (Masters) program.
  • Informs undergraduate students of sources of research and development funding.
  • Organizes “Research Explorations in Mechanical Engineering,” an information session where students are presented with the different research award programs (i.e. funding for research), tour Department laboratories, and interface directly with professors over snacks at a break-out session.
Please check out the Available Research List of Interests and Dean's Research Award Projects for more information.

Funding for Research and Development

  1. Dean's Research Award (DRA) Program

    Undergraduate ResearchKevin Peterson and Derek Boyd doing MEMs packaging on a flip chipper for Professor Walied Moussa

    The Dean’s Research Award Program allows undergraduate students with superior academic records to work closely with an academic staff member on a novel and exciting Mechanical Engineering research project. The program provides training and development in research methodology, abstract and/or manuscript preparation, and oral presentation delivery. The project typically lasts one term, and students spend the equivalent of a half day per week on the project. If desired, the student may renew the award in subsequent terms. At the end of the project, students are required to prepare a one-page abstract and deliver a 10 minute presentation on their work. Upon successful completion, each student receives $500 from the Dean and Faculty of Engineering.

  2. Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) Program

    Undergraduate ResearchAndrew Page and Alexis Kaminski assembling a particle
    tracking velocimetry system for Dr. David Nobes

    The Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada's (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) are designed to stimulate interest in natural science and engineering. They encourage undergraduate students to partake in graduate studies and pursue a research career in either of these fields.

    The awards are for students who would like to gain research work experience in an academic setting that compliments their current studies. The monetary aspect of the awards, coupled with contributions from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the University, can provide sound financial support for students.
  3. Transition to Graduate (Masters) Program

    Undergraduate ResearchMarcus Beaudry conducting experiments on a novel advanced HCCI engine under the supervision of Professor David Checkel

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering strongly supports and encourages undergraduate students to join our graduate programs. Our diverse programs in thermo-fluids, solid mechanics, and engineering management provide advanced training to facilitate rapid growth of the careers of our students.

    Funding is typically provided by both the supervisor and the Department in the form of research and/or teaching assistantships. Students should contact professors in the Department to discuss research opportunities and funding. External funding is available for students who wish to pursue advanced studies.
  4. NSERC Postgraduate and Canada Graduate Scholarship Program 
    The Canada Graduate Scholarships-Masters (CGS-M) and NSERC’s Postgraduate Scholarship-Masters PGS-M) provide financial support to high-caliber

     Undergraduate ResearchNathan George and Jarrian McClean preparing a flame spray torch to fabricate a biomedical surface for Dr. André McDonald

    natural sciences or engineering Masters students.
    CGS-M scholarships are awarded to top-ranked applicants, and PGS-M scholarships are offered to the next tier of meritorious applicants.

    This support allows the scholars to concentrate fully on their studies and to seek the best Mechanical Engineering research mentors. These scholarships are supplemented by our department, the University, and the Faculty of Engineering.

  5. Alberta Ingenuity Graduate (AIG) Student Scholarships

    Alberta Ingenuity Graduate Student Scholarships enable academically superior graduate students to undertake full-time research training in a natural science or engineering discipline.

    Undergraduate ResearchNathaniel Maeda and Vanessa Hon designing a device to test friction in orthodontics with Professors Jason Carey and Roger Toogood

    Professional Engineering License

    Professional Engineer license is required to practice engineering in the Province of Alberta. Pursuing a graduate studies program and participating in research as an undergraduate student may enable you to get this license faster after graduation!!

    Undergraduate Research Courses For Credit

    The Department has several research-based courses that students may take for credit. Students work with a professor on a project, and may have to submit a report for a final grade.

    Research-Based Courses 

    • MEC E 409 Experimental Design Project I
    • MEC E 469 Experimental Design Project II
    • MEC E 494 Introduction to Research
    • MEC E 495 Research Project