CBC Radio One in Edmonton to feature the success of the U of A's cube satellite team

This Tuesday, March 14 at 4:40 pm, the University of Alberta’s Cube Satellite student team and their unique, made-in-Alberta satellite, the Ex-Alta 1, will be features on CBC One Edmonton's afternoon show, Radio Active. The hosts will talk with Charles Nokes, spokesperson for the Ex-Alta 1 project.

The Ex-Alta 1 project was born out of a desire to participate in the QB50 event, which will see 50 cube satellites launched into Earth’s orbit from the International Space Station (ISS) sometime this summer.

At the moment the Ex-Alta 1 is preparing for its trip to the ISS, which is scheduled for March 21, a week after the radio show.

Tune in to CBC One’s Radio Active program at 4:40, Tuesday, March 14 to hear more from Charles Nokes about the Ex-Alta 1 and AlbertSat