MecE Professor earns recognition for a lifetime of achievement

Finlay here with the Alberta Idealized Throat

Congratulations to Professor Warren Finlay who received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) at the Society’s annual meeting in Sante Fe, New Mexico in early June. The award is presented to a senior researcher whose body of work has significantly advanced the field aerosols in medicine.

Dr. Finlay’s research is widely used by researchers in academia as well as in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. For example, Dr. Finaly developed a method for modeling the behavior of aerosol droplets in the nasal passage and the lungs and methods by which to predict the behavior of aerosols in the mouth, nose and throat. These methods are used as the standard by which researchers develop new inhaler technologies and new aerosol medicines.

Dr. Finlay’s laboratory also developed the Alberta Idealized Throat, which is a model of the human nasal passage and airways that researchers can use to test the behavior of aerosol particles and improve the delivery of aerosol medications.

Most recently Dr. Finlay has begun to investigate the delivery, in aerosols, of bacteriophages, which may be the next step in combatting bacterial infections as well as the use of aerosols to deliver nanoparticles for lung cancer treatment.

Besides the ISAM Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Finlay’s has been awarded many other accolades including his fellowship in the Engineering Institute of Canada and the Royal Society of Canada.

Dr. Finlay’s research affects the quality of life of millions of people world-wide every day. One lifetime of achievement making many more possible.