Dr. Andrew Martin wins MecE Undergraduate Teaching Award

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Martin, this year’s recipient of the Mechanical Engineering Club’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. The award recognizes outstanding performance by a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. “Dr. Martin was chosen this year based on his positive attitude when teaching and his infectious enthusiasm for his field,” says Eldon Styr, a VP Academic for the MecE Club. “He is widely considered by students as an excellent lecturer, being well prepared, well-spoken, and well organized. His positive attitude creates a comfortable learning environment, where students are comfortable asking questions. He is very approachable for help during office hours, and gives useful feedback on examinations in person at the time of return.”

The Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Club’s teaching award is voted on at the club’s AGM in September. Every undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering is a member of the club and is encouraged to participate in the vote. The names of the candidates are made available before the meeting for students to consider. “If students know who they want to vote for, they’re more likely to come out to the meeting where the vote happens,” explains Styr. “That way we get the largest possible representation for the vote.”

For his part, Dr. Martin says it’s been gratifying to receive the award. “It’s a privilege each lecture to stand up in front of a room filled with some of the brightest and most industrious young men and women in our province.  I do my best to drive home the engineering principles they’ll need in their careers, but also to model good organizational and interpersonal behaviors, which are equally.  It’s nice to get such positive feedback on my approach.”

Congratulations again to Dr. Martin, this year’s recipient of the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award.