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Engineering Management
 Course  Title  Syllabus
 ENG M 508  Energy Auditing & Management  
 ENG M 514  Reliability Engineering  
 ENG M 516  Maintenance Management  
 ENG M 530  Engineering Project Management  
 ENG M 540  Introduction to Optimization Models Algorithms  
 ENG M 558  Ergonomics and Work Design  
 ENG M 605  Computer-Aided Prod Modeling and Production Engineering  
 ENG M 611  Design and Integration of Standardized Systems  
 ENG M 612  Quality Assurance & Assessment Systems  
 ENG M 620  Engineering Economic Analysis  
 ENG M 632  Project Risk Management  
 ENG M 641  Optimization of Large Scale Linear Problems  
 ENG M 646  Engineering Optimization  
 ENG M 665  Introduction to Intellectual Property and New Technology Commercialization  
 ENG M 670  Advanced Topic (Applied Project Management)  


Mechanical Engineering
 Course  Title  Syllabus
 MEC E 606  Photonics Measurement Systems in Fluid Mechanics  
 MEC E 607  Optical Mechanical Sensing  
 MEC E 615  Control Methods Applied to Partial Diffential Equations  
 MEC E 620  Combustion  
 MEC E 630  Fluid Dynamics  
 MEC E 632  Trubulent Fluid Dynamics  
 MEC E 633  Particle Engineering  
 MEC E 634  Aerosol Science and Technology  
 MEC E 635  Mechanics of Respiratory Druug Delivery  
 MEC E 637  Colloidal Hydrodynamics  
 MEC E 639  Computational Fluid Dynamics  
 MEC E 643  Renew Energy Engineering & Sustainability  
 MEC E 650  Analytical Dynamics  
 MEC E 651  Advanced Robotics: Analysis and Control  
 MEC E 653  Signal Processing of Time Spectral Series  
 MEC E 656  Transport and Kinetic Processes in Electrochemical Systems  
 MEC E 662  Introduction to Polymer Microfabrication  
 MEC E 663  Theory and Applications of Finite Element Method  
 MEC E 664  Advanced Design and Simulation of Micro and Nano Electromechanical Sensors(MEMS/NEMS)  
 MEC E 668  Design of Experiments in Mechanical Engineering  
 MEC E 669 Multifunctional Polymer-based Composites
 MEC E 671  Heat Coduction  
 MEC E 680  Continum Mechanics  
 MEC E 681  Elasticity  
 MEC E 682  Nanomechanics  
 MEC E 683  Statistical Mechanics with Applications  
 MEC E 685  Macro Fracture Mechanics  
 MEC E 690  Analytical Techniques in Engineering  
 MEC E 788  Variable Topic (Micromechanics)  
 MEC E 788  Variable Topic (Polymer-Based Composites)