How to Apply

Please note: Our application process is different from other departments at the University of Alberta, please be sure to follow each of these steps carefully. Applications that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.

When applying to MSc or PhD in Mechanical Engineering you must first find a supervisor. An application can not proceed without one.

 Processing Time
 1. A. Check Admission Requirements to see if you qualify for our Graduate Programs
B. Check Application Deadlines
Before Application Deadlines

You will need to find a Supervisor to support your application. You must contact professors directly by visiting our Research Areas. You will find contact information and links to their research in each section. Go to step 3.
If you are able to find a Supervisor willing to support you, the Supervisor will need to contact the Graduate Applications Assistant to confirm their interest in your application. If you cannot find a Supervisor your application will not be considered. Once your Supervisor has confirmed interest you will be invited to complete the Formal Application. Go to Step 4.
Submit your documents. Go to Step 5
Once your documents arrive to the department they are read, evaluated, & calculations done on Transcripts. They are entered into a checklist on our database which can be viewed by the student on Bear Tracks. 6-15 days
Once the application is complete:

Applications will be reviewed by your Supervisor and financial support will be considered.

If the application is approved by your Supervisor, it will go to Step 7.

If the application is not approved, the student will be informed by email and the application will not proceed further.
4-7 days
Once your application is approved in Step 6 it will be sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for final approval.
If the application is approved, it will go to Step 8.

If the application is not approved, the student will be informed by email and the application will not proceed further.
1-2 weeks
Once your application is approved by the FGSR
(i) The student will receive an Official Electronic Admission Letter by email from FGSR

(ii) The Graduate Applications Assistant prepares the financial agreement letter with the students’ Supervisor. The Official Electronic Financial Letter is sent by the department.

4-12 days

Application Deadlines

MSc/PhD (thesis based)

Nigeria, Iran* and the People’s Republic of China
Fall: March 15
Winter: July 15
* Iran has been added here to reflect longer than normal study permit processing times.

International Students
Fall: May 15
Winter: September 15

Canadian Students / Permanent Residents
Fall: June 30
Winter: October 30



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